Friday, August 31, 2012


 Yesterday evening my girl mowed my yard and then I got to sit outside and enjoy
some ribs in the sunshine!
I offered her some, but she politely declined.

Now that she has a FoodSaver, she's gone crazy and stocked up on my raw meaty bones
I'm pretty sure I saw a lamb shank in the freezer when she opened it...


Out & About in Redmond

It was perfect out yesterday--not too hot or too cold, so I went and grabbed my buddy Thor for a trip to Redmond. We wandered around Towne Center looking for some socialization opportunities and a chance to be oohd and awwed over. Mission accomplished. 

We had lunch al fresco, but the best part was dessert. My girl got us a pumpkin spice cupcake from PinkaBella!

 I look tiny in this picture.
Why is she making us wait? Just gimme the cupcake!

Hey lady! I can't wait much longer!

It's so delicious!
In case anyone is wondering about my girl's awesome looking shirt,
she got it at the Judas Priest concert last fall. She didn't take me with her.
Instead she took that guy that follows us around. Whatever.
One of the folks who oohd and awwed over us was named Jeff and he is the president of Operation Bald Eagle, a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit that helps the men and women who haved served and their families. This includes military, fire, and police families.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cover Dog Pics

Cuteness overload has arrived! CityDog has posted the pics from Kirkland Uncorked! Check them out here. Can you find me?

You can read about my short-lived adventure into modeling here.

It's not too late to try your paw at modeling--three more chances are coming up!

Is this my good side?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Party Animal

For my birthday on Aug 23, I had a bully stick and a cup of whip cream! Then we invited my friends to a birthday bash on Saturday at Puppy Manners. Check out the pics below. There aren't that many because my girl forgot her camera! Can you believe that? She's totally fired as party planner.

We are having a cake eating contest!

Jackson the Bulldog, Thor the Aussie, Hercules the Bullmastif, Shasta the Golden Retriever, and Me! Surprisingly the Retriever won!

It was a delicious beef & veggie cake from The Natural Pet Pantry.

This is one of my gifts--a body pillow! My girl thinks I will stop taking her pillow this way.
Jackson is not gonna give up the coolest spot at the party! 
Before I went to the big party, my girl insisted on humiliating me with yet another stupid hat. I actually kinda like the hat, but that will be our little secret. This is what my yummy beef & veggie cake looked like before we inhaled it! It was frosted with mashed potatoes!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's almost here!

My birthday is almost here!
I will be 2 on Thursday Aug 23! Can you believe it? Last year we had a small BBQ and I had some ice cream. My girl also put this stupid hat on me. Thankfully she only made me wear it for a few pictures.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Puppy Breath

My girl picked me up on a crisp October Saturday. I said goodbye to my Grandma Barb and my sister Stella who was getting her family that day too.

First things first, I was introduced to my potty spot, which is marked by my very own fire hydrant!

Okay maybe this wasn't the very first thing--it came after my girl spent quite a bit of time cleaning my diarrhea off of her leather back seat. I rode home in a crate of course, but suddenly had a serious case of cannon butt. I just backed myself up to the crate door and let 'er rip! Don't judge--we've all been there!

And yes, I use my spot every time. It keeps the grass in the yard looking nice with no yellow spots.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Better Late Than Never!

It's a bit late (okay way late), but THANK YOU  to everyone who donated to the 2012 Mutt March. I was on team Pups 'n Pints and we raised $650 for Chase Away K9 Cancer.

Can you believe it? I actually walked the whole 3 miles! I did stop for a 20 minute rest because well, let's face it, exercise is not really my thing. Fundraising definitely is though! I had a great time and got to meet so many brave dogs and their peoples. I also made lots of new friends. Remember to check your dog for any bumps or lumps once a month, including the mouth!

20 questions Part Deux

Here's Part II! You can check out Part I here.

11. How long do you live?
8-10years average.

12. What do you eat?
I eat a lot of raw food from The Natural Pet Pantry and Paws Cafe, and grain-free kibble from FirstMate.

13. Do you need a lot of exercise?
   No, not compared to say a young Labrador. But that being said I still need adequate exercise and mental stimulation. Personally I'm not that into it and will just lay down on the sidewalk and refuse to move.  I'm okay with a few short romps in the yard and a couple nice walks. Or just changing positions on the couch.

14. How come you aren't as big as the other Mastiffs I've seen?
     Surprisingly, I get this a lot. See #1, #4. Remember, it's how we look and that we are at a healthy weight, and not how much we weigh. Sometimes folks are just confusing me with an English Mastiff.

15. What are your favorite foods?
     Mmm...I love bananas and duck necks. Oh and pumpkin! And green beans, and blueberries, and ruby yams. I also love kale and broccoli and carrots and apples. Oh I can't forget about plain yogurt. Mmm ribs. Ribs of any kind are so stinkin' good! Plums and peaches are yummy too! And so is scrambled eggs! Tripe is delicious, but so are cow noses and turkey necks! I love venison and beef and RABBIT! Rabbit are no words for the yumminess that is rabbit! WHIP CREAM! I can't believe I forgot to mention whip cream!
The list goes on but I love everything!

16. Do you like children?
Oh yes, I very much like children. They are just the right height to kiss! Plus they usually have something sticky and yummy on their hands that they let me lick off! I can get a little too excited with them if they do the same with me though.

17. How do you travel?
In style! For tooling around town I am chauffered in a four door saloon. If it's a longer trip, I roll in an SUV. I love going through the car wash too!

18. What do you do all day?
I have a full social calendar. I go to daycare 2 days per week. The dog park usually once per week. My obediance class is on Thursdays. I also make time to stop in and visit all my favorite baristas for a cup of whip cream. Home improvement stores, bookstores, and pet supply stores are visited as well. I also like to eat al fresco at local cafe's with my girl. Weekends I'm usually making appearances at local festivities. I'm also very into snuggling on the couch and watching TV.

19. Do you get along with other dogs? What about small dogs?
I go to daycare twice a week and occasionally the dog park. I am the biggest social butterfly! I like the little ones too, but tend to just ignore them or lay down so I don't step on them. What I don't like is an overly barky or vocal fellow canine. As a Bullmastiff I don't understand the need for such chatter and tend to avoid interacting with these dogs, even if they are super nice.

20. Do you have a saddle?!

Got any more questions for me?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20 questions Part I

When I am out on the town with my best girl, people often stop to love me up and chat. I hear wonderful stories about their dogs and get asked tons of questions. While everyone's dog stories are different, the questions are usually the same! Here is Part I of 20 questions. 

1. What are you?
Besides being awesome and devastatingly handsome, I am a Bullmastiff. We are an AKC recognized breed.

2. How much do you weigh?
140 pounds as of this post date. I could probably losea few lbs.

3. Do you slobber?
I will drool a bit when there is something super delicious coming my way, like bananas or duck necks. When I drink water, it gets caught in my flew and leaks out making me look like a slobbery oaf, but people actually comment on what a nice dry mouth I have otherwise.

4. How big are you going to get?
I am not fully mature yet, so I don't know. I won't get taller. Some people think bigger is better, but my best girl says health is. She tries to keep me active and svelte. More weight, especially uneccesary weight, would be hard on my joints.

5. Do you sleep in the bed?
No, I have my own very large bed that I sleep on. I'm also allowed on the couch, so I often get up there in the middle of the night.

6. How old are you?
I was born August 23, 2010

7. Where are you from?
I was born in Elma, WA. My breeders are Barb and Eric Long of Barb'Eric Bullmastiffs.

8. Are you a Pug/Bulldog/Boxer?
Little kids ask me this a lot. See #1.

9. How much do you eat?
It depends on my activity level. If it's kibble, I eat about 4C per day, plus tons of veggies and fruits. If it's raw, I will eat about 4lbs with lots of veggies and fruits.

10. Do you like cats?
Oh I LURVE kittehs! I have met many dog savvy cats and I just adore them and smoosh them with all the love I have to give. The Kitteh I live with does not feel the same way about me. She will tolerate me if it means a sunbathing session though. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Happenings

If you find yourself sitting around, licking your junk looking for something to do,
check these out:

Every WED through Aug 29 Movies at Marymoor--there are food trucks, need I say more?

Every THUR through Aug 30 Movies at Magnuson Park --can't make a Wed movie at Marymoor? Try this instead! Or do both!
Aug 4  Woofstock Animal Adoption and Music Festival-- Maybe your best friend is waiting here!
Aug 8  Bark in the Park with Everett Aquasox--take in a ball game with your peoples! It's also 2 for   $26 Wednesdays. Dogs get in FREE!
Aug 11 Shoreline DogFest-- demos, vendors, and contests! Funds raised go to support Shorline's off-leash areas via ShoreDog.

Aug 18 Scrub-a-Mutt-- Getting a bit gamey? Feeling less than fresh? Come to the fundraising dog wash at Strawberry Fields!
Aug 19 Pasado's Bark at Marymoor Park--Have fun while supporting Pasado's Safe Haven. CityDog cover model search is happening here too!

Aug 23  It's my birthday! I'm turning 2!

Aug 29 Belltown Pub -last Wed of every month they host Puppy Hour. Canine themed cocktails for peoples and gourmet eats for the discerning doggy diners.

Go to Pacific Beach--tell your peoples you want to run nekkid through the ocean!