Monday, July 30, 2012

Pacific Beach

Oh! My! Gawd! 
I just spent three days running nekkid and free on the beach! What an amazing weekend--sand between your toes, ocean spray on your muzzle, sunbathing, and the breeze blowin' on your was glorious!

I stayed at the Pacific Beach Inn. They were incredibly dog friendly, presenting me with a biscuit and my very own beach towels upon arrival. In fact the whole town of Pacific Beach was pretty dog friendly, as was neighboring Seabrook. We took a short break from the beach to hike around the Lake Quinalt area in the Olympic National Forest and even checked out the motorcycle rally in Ocean Shores!

Read more to see all the pics and just click one to see a slideshow!
Give it a minute or two to load.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Drumroll please...

Sunday I went to Kirkland Unkcorked with my best girl and while I was there, I entered the CityDog magazine cover dog search. There were TONS of dogs, and all of them cute. One by one we got on stage to introduce ourselves. In the end there could only be one winner though. I tried to focus on the corn dog my girl was eating as the judges took the stage. And the winner is...

...Not me! Can you believe it? I didn't even make the final four!

That's okay though. All the entry fees went ot helping homeless pets and everyone had their 15 minutes of fame. I met lots of new friends and got to see old ones. Plus we all get our picture in CityDog's cover model issue! My girl forgot the camera, so no photos of my adorable mug posing for Julie of Bailey & Banjo.

If you want to get on stage and strut your stuff, there are still more cover dog search contests. In the end the winners from these mini contests will be put to a vote for the title of Cover Dog!

Here are all the pictures of the contestants. Can you find me?

Puppy Breath

I think I was about 3-4mos old here. Now I barely fit on that bed!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Good Friends

Me and Jaymee the Standard Schnauzer Extraordinaire having a blast at a BBQ.

I'm stealthy like a ninja!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I did it!

I passed the CGC test! It's official! I am a Canine Good Citizen!

Saturday I was perusing the booths at Poochapalooza and happend upon the Canine Good Citizen tent. I looked at my girl and she looked at me--and we signed up! Our evaluation fee was donated to M-DOG, which maintains Strawberry Fields for Rover.


It’s true that my devastating, rugged good looks often stop people in their tracks. I can really relate to Clooney. It’s a gift and a curse. It certainly gets people talking and asking my best girl lots of questions, which she doesn’t mind. It’s an opportunity to tell people all about Bullmastiffs.

We are strong, independent working dogs. In order to understand this, we must hop across the pond and revisit my history.  Bullmastiffs were originally bred to protect estates in England from poachers. It was our job to catch them and pin them without mauling them.  We also had to just hang out with our homeskillets and relax.  A Bullmastiff and a gentleman, see.  

We are loving and family oriented, and while that is natural to us, it still has to be properly cultivated through lots of socialization, training, patience, love, and rules. I mean LOTS!  We are not for everyone to own, but we can be enjoyed by everyone. That’s where I come in! It’s important for me to represent the best in my breed and educate all the new friends I meet.  I try really hard to be good at those things so I can go out and be the best Bully Ambassador I can be!
If you want to learn more about dogs like me, adoption/rescue, and news check out the American Bullmastiff Association. You can get all the specs on my breed on the AKC website. If you are considering bringing a Bully into your life or want more info, AKC shows and events are a great place to meet breeders and folks involved in the breed.

Hey, maybe we’ll run into each other at a coffee shop or bookstore!

What a weekend!

First things first, Saturday morning I got to run around Strawberry Fields for Rover and get my beans out. It was 3 acres of grass, toys, smells, people, and pee-mail! It was pawsome! There was even a doggy drinking fountain next to the human one! Oh and a fire hydrant! There was no shade so we only stayed for a little bit, but I'm definitely going back!

Then it was off to explore the palooza. All the funds raised went to keeping Strawberry Fields for Rover open and maintained so nicely. There were games for peoples and dogs, lots of booths, and some food! We wandered a bit, I sniffed a few butts, and I was pretty pooped from playing so
Oh! Oh yeah, that's it!
I took a relaxing dip in one of the pools.
Before heading home, I had a Frosty Paw and
signed up for the CGC test.

Mill Creek Festival
It was raining Sunday so we didn't stay very long, but we got to see the Puget Sound Dock Dogs, car show, and learned all about the  privately funded Karelian Bear Dog Program.

I got to meet Colter and Savute. The KBDs are used to control wildlife in non-lethal ways by the Fish and Wildlife Dept of WA. These hardy little hunting dogs hail from Norther Europe originally and were used to hunt moose, elk, and bear. They look small for this, but boy are they tenacious and independent! Check out Wind River Bear Institute to learn all about these amazing canines!

A gentleman always eats his yogurt with one paw raised

Afterwards I pranced over to Skinny D Frozen Yogurt shop in Mill Creek Plaza. I couldn't go in, but my girl says it was bright, clean, and friendly. I'm glad they had me in mind when designing their cups--they are large and wide-mouthed, perfect for my smooshed face!


How was your weekend? Did your peoples take you to any events? If you know of any dog friendly events coming up, bark my way and I can post them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Operation Military Care K-9

Civilized Nature Pet Supplies of Sammamish will be collecting donations for K-9 care packages on July 14. These packages are going to military dogs in the Middle East.

To learn more about what items are needed or how you can help Operation Military Care K-9, visit United States War Dog Association.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Puppy Breath

Aww! That little baked potato in the yellow ribbon is me! Can you believe it? So snug in my momma’s paw.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

It’s Sunday…

And that means it’s RAW BONE DAY!

Not right now, I'm busy!

I have my girl get my bones and other bits from Bill the Butcher in Woodinville.  Two paws up to butcher Ryan! He's always ready and willing to find the biggest and meatiest for a sizeable fellow like myself.

Who could resist this face smooshed up against the glass door?

On nice days I prefer to eat them al fresco, otherwise I'm corraled in the kitchen. Either way I still rub my face all over every piece of furniture afterwards. Where do you guys eat your bones?

Is that squirrel giving me the stink eye?
The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly moment with the squirrel
I'm so friggin' happy right now!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Life’s a Beach

Lookin' for my next slobber victim
Water! Sand! Stinky sea junk! Did I mention WATER? I had no idea how fun the beach could be until my girl took me to the off-leash park in Edmonds.

OLAE as it is called, is located just south of Marina Beach. The entrance is double gated, there are poo bags in case your peoples don’t bring enough, and a hose station that provides fresh water.  If you drink as much of the Puget Sound as I did, your peoples will REALLY appreciate the hose and extra poo bags!

There are interesting things to pee on like huge logs and a doggy fire hydrant. There is also a few pieces of agility equipment--it is now my understanding that it is rude to pee on these!

I totally should have been cast in Point Break
I highly recommend going at low-tide like we did, especially if you are an old hand at OLAs. There is tons more room on the soft sandy beach to spaz out and your peoples can look in the pools for giant purple starfish and big mean crabs.

Just keep in mind that it isn't fully fenced, and no dogs are allowed in Marina Beach Park.

The best part? The dogs! Beach dogs are so relaxed and laid back. It made me want to change my name to Spicoli.

Where's Bodhi?
It was the perfect 4th of July.

Did you guys out there do anything fun?