Wednesday, June 27, 2012

July Happenings

If you find yourself sitting around, licking your junk looking for something constructive to do, check these out:

Poochapalooza July 14, 10-5pm Marysville Strawberry Fields

Petapalooza July 14, 10-4pm Marymoor Park

Mill Creek Festival & Street Fair July 14-15, Check out the Pet Plaza and see the Puget Sound Dock Dogs!

Kirkland Uncorked July 20-22 Sunday is CityDog Magazine cover model search!

Go Dog Go! July 28, 10-5pm, Kirkland, CityDog cover model search will be here too

Dog Day on Elliot Bay July 29, 2012 Cruise to Blake Island for the afternoon!

Belltown Pub last Wed of every month they host Puppy Hour. Canine themed cocktails for peoples and gourmet eats for the discerning doggy diners.

Don't forget to wear sun protection.

Safe and Happy 4th of July

Time to get personal. I’m chipped. Are you chipped?

If not, get your wiggle butt down to Homeward Pet in Woodinville this weekend and get it done for FREE!


Saturday, June 23, 2012


What do you mean I can't get in the car?
I love mud! I love to lay in it. I love to roll in it. I even kinda like to eat it when no one is looking. Some people, who shall remain nameless but continue to be referred to as the guy who follows us everywhere, do not feel the same way about mud.

They feel so strongly that they went and found this place: 
Muddy Buddy Dog Wash is tucked away in Mill Creek town center. They provide self wash tubs as well as full service professional grooming.

Being a rather big fellow with a gregarious nature, I notice the little things. Things like the Canine Hitch on the outside of the tubs, the rubber step into the tub, waterproof aprons so my girl doesn’t look like a drowned cat, water bowls at different heights throughout the salon, and fiberglass tubs rather than those loud metal ones make it easy and enjoyable. Best of all, you can take as long as you need to get squeaky clean and enjoy all the kisses from the amazing staff!

Afterwards you can go across the street to Kafe Neo with your peoples to munch pita on their dog-friendly patio.
You shall not win, you evil wind machine!
Oh. Well. That wasn't so bad.

Do you enjoy mud as much as I do? Do you have a favorite bathing spot I should check out?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ooh Rah!

For the most part, I like to lounge around the house nekkid. When I do go out, I like to have on a little somethin’ that leaves the ladies talkin’.

And that is exactly what they do when I wear my new M1-K9 collar.

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The website says it is adjustable from 18”-26”, but my girl had a heck of a time getting it to adjust at all. The pouch snaps on/off and holds a 4’ leash that loops on the carabiner.

I had mine modified a bit by removing the carry pouch and JeffersPet dog tag. You can get a dog tag like mine from PetSmart which is engravable on both sides.

While it was more than difficult to adjust and costs $29.95, I still look totally bad-ass in this collar.

Go ahead, make my day.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take Your Dog To Work Day 6/22/2012

Hey Peoples! Thought I would give you a heads up and let you know this Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day!
Trust me, I'm a professional.

My dance card is full this Friday so I will be going to work on Wednesday to promote the benefits of K9 companionship. Hmm...wonder if I will get to test out the Surface tablet with my tongue?

Do any of you out there get to go to work with your peoples?

UPDATE:  I didn't get to lick any Surface tablets, but I drooled on a few laptops!

Fremont Fair

I am the center of the universe! My girl keeps saying we went to the center of the universe, but she has it all wrong. Sunday I went to the Fremont Fair for Dogs and Dads Day where I was the center of the universe!

I perused the craft booths and thoroughly sniffed all the food vendors. No one gave me a hot dog, but I got to lick a toddler that tasted like hot dog. She had more on her face than necessary so I helped her clean it off. Everyone wanted to pet me and give me moochies—seriously, it was like a nonstop massage!
Let's go in!
I sampled all the fine water bowls and had my picture taken by several fans.  Fame is demanding and I was pretty pooped by the time the Dog Parade started, so I just watched from the shade and cheered on my pals. Afterwards we headed to Fremont Brewery where I enjoyed a bullystick and my girl (and that other guy) enjoyed some tasty beverages.

If you’re a mover and a shaker like me, you should check out Poochapalooza. It is Saturday July 14 from 10am – 5pm. Maybe I’ll see you at the pie eating contest?